Hello guys, welcome back again with me Margaret. Lately, I really love to try beauty products and skincare at the same time, after that I straight go to my blog and do my honest review. Let me tell you my short story…

I am such a busy student. I only have one day break each week which is Sunday. I wakeup early in the morning at 5AM and come back home around 5PM almost everyday. I do work part time and sometime I have modeling job requests after the university schedule ended. I need to keep my skin fresh all day. I want to make a great first impression in front of client.

I think my life super hero is BB Cream who protect my skin and make my skin fresh all day. I don’t want to get break out and acnes because I wear too much makeup. Yes, BB Cream is going to be my first choice. But is there any kind of BB Cream that stay for 12 hours or even more? The answer is yes. PIXY BB Cream. I love this new product. Like it’s real! I see the PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH as well at the market, so why don’t I try right?

From the picture above you definitely can see that my freaking eyeline already smudged out T_T but it’s okay,…my face is not looking bad because my PIXY BB Cream was being my hero! This BB Cream stayed still on my skin for really such a long time…12 hours.

I bet all of you are being curious about how those products work on your skin? Well here it is the review and tutorial how you can apply PIXY BB CREAM BRIGHT FIX and end with PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH.

SPF 30 & PA+++

The BB Cream gives my skin natural glow. BB Cream pigmentation is also good, that’s why The BB Cream does blend out easily on our skin. The BB Cream doesn’t change after 12 hours because of the Smart Lock Powder. It stays all day long so I do not need to do touch up or reapplied each hour. The SPF 30 & PA+++ definitely protects your skin from the harsh and damageable sunlight. Your skin is going to be fine all day. The BB Cream also won’t clog your pores. Why? Because The BB Cream has non comedogenic formula that already been clinically tested. NO COMEDO AND NO ACNE! ☺ Also the most interesting part that this BB Cream contains Natural Whitening Extract & Vitamin C Derivate as your skin natural whitening agent.

SPF 25 + PA+++

To complete my fresh looking skin for 12 hours, I need to set up my BB Cream with a matte powder. Don’t worry! Your skin is not looking shiny in 12 hours if you have an oily skin type. The compact powder came with a cute pink packaging that I love. Remembered me to kawaii stuff. The product contains SPF 25 & PA+++ for optimum skin protection to UVA and UVB Rays. Also it has Natural Whitening Extract and Vitamin C Derivate for your skin whitening agent same as what BB Cream does.

PIXY BB CREAM BRIGHT FIX and PIXY COMPACT POWDER PURE FINISH come with three shades to choose from cream, beige, and ochre. You can choose the closest shades to your own skin natural skin shades.

I can’t believe in a nice deal I can get a lot of benefits from these two amazing products. Go PIXY!

Source: http://www.margaretavania.blogspot.com/2014/12/how-to-keep-yout-face-fresh-all-day-in.html