I bet some of you already know that I disliked BB Cream, and I always use foundation rather than bb/cc cream as my make up base. That's because bb cream used to break my skin out.
My face would become oily and acnes would start appearing the morning after I washed off my make up. I tried more than 3 different brands of BB cream that many people liked, but none of it suited me, so I gave up.

Buttt thenn I discovered that PIXY has launched these new products; PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Compact Powder Pure Finish which promise to stay bright and oil free up to 12 hours! It's a made in Indonesia product with Japan license, so I think its' formula will suit Indonesian girls' skin perfectly.

The moment after I applied the BB Cream on my face, I was surprised that
(+) it didn't give me any sticky/oily feeling ,
(+) blended in easily & smoothly!! (even when applying only with fingers, so no worry for make up amateurs!),
(+) it's light on my face yet can cover my dark spots (acne scars),
(+) even smelled fragrant!!

The product promises that it will stay bright on our face up to 12 hours, so I decided to prove it !

After 12 hours
My make up was still soo good (without any touch up) even after I went out to have lunch, an outdoor outfit photoshoot, and also visited my sister to play with my nephew & niece in the evening.

When I uploaded a selfie on my instagram wearing Pixy's BB Cream, one of my followers didn't believe that I actually wore this product and said that I might only wear the product once, for advertisement purpose. But that's totally WRONG. I've used these champs from PIXY for numerous times! Here are my other selfies with PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Compact Powder Pure Finish.

The most important thing about a make up product for me is whether it breaks my skin out, or not.
I've tried using them for more than 5 times and it didn't break me up. There's not any sign of pimple / acnes appearing, so I am very satisfied with this product.

They have 3 different shades; OCHRE, BEIGE, and CREAM.
I wear the OCHRE shade :)

So... from the pics above, you can conclude that these PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Compact Powder Pure Finish are VERY RECOMMENDED, CAN PROVE THEIR PROMISE, and SUITABLE for daily wear (for working women and student like me!!)

I'll constantly wearing them for my daily make up base rather than foundation which is too heavy.
BB Cream ini juga punya SPF30 & PA+++, Vit C, dan natural whitening extract yang malah bisa bikin kulit kita tambah bagusss lagi.

The price is also very affordable, IDR 30.000! Dari pada bb cream merk korea yg mahal - mahal, PIXY is definitely included in my "Recommended" make up product list! PIXY ini adalah produksi Indonesia dengan lisensi dari Mandom Corporation Japan . Jadi udah pasti formulanya cocok banget buat kulit cewek Indonesia. Senengg bgt dehh ada make up produksi Indonesia yang bagusss & harganya terjangkau! Paaasss bgtt sama kebutuhan ku sbg student dengan banyak aktivitas (tapi tetep mau tampil oke) dan uang jajan (budget) yg terbatas!

If you also use these products, Don't forget to share with me too your comments after using PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix and PIXY Compact Powder Pure Finish yaa.

P.S : This is post is purely based on my personal experience and honest opinions.

Source: http://www.verenlee.com/2014/11/pixy-bb-cream-bright-fix-compact-powder.html